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green party logoTown planning post-graduate students from the University of Brighton have produced a ‘master plan’ for the Hollingdean neighbourhood after Green ward councillors invited them to research residents’ views on how to spruce up the area’s streetscape and amenities. Read the rest of this entry »


The Level restoration projectBrighton & Hove is celebrating as the city council’s bid for a £2.2 million Lottery grant to restore The Level has been granted.  The money comes from the Funds’ joint Parks for People scheme.  More information on the council’s website.

As part of the overall restoration of The Level, Freestyle Skateparks have been appointed to design and build the new skatepark and work will now start on the design. Skaters and local residents will have an opportunity to feed into the process.

Once a design has been developed, the project team will work with the Brighton & Hove Skateparks Association to prepare funding bid applications to raise the additional funding required to build the skatepark. More details about the timescales and the consultation and engagement process for The Level Skatepark will follow shortly.

phone illustration mastFrom Councillor Jeane Lepper Many residents will recall that at the end of last year Vodafone applied to the council for a 12.5m high phone mast plus equipment cabinet to be sited on the pavement near one of the Depot entrances opposite 13 Hollingdean Road.  There were many objections and the Planning Committee rejected the application on the grounds of visual impact and because of the position.  It would have been on a busy road that is also a busy pedestrian school route and close to flats where many residents have disabilities and mobility problems.  Vodafone have decided to appeal to the Secretary of State against the decision. Read the rest of this entry »

Brighton & Hove City Council, in partnership with the University of Brighton, has prepared a planning brief in order to guide the future development of the former Preston Barracks site, along with land on the university’s adjacent Watts Building site and the nearby Mithras House site.

The draft planning brief is out for public consultation until 16 May 2011 and the council is keen to gather your views on its content. Read the rest of this entry »

Local Councillors, Pat Hawkes, Christine Simpson and Jeane Lepper report:

We have asked Council transport officers to assess road safety in many parts of Hollingdean following concerns raised by local residents.

Highlighted by residents and Councillors in need of investigation are-

Pedestrian safety in Hollingbury Place ( The Dip) where re assessment is needed of the effectiveness now of measures put in place some years ago, including build outs, to deal with speeding cars.

Residential roads on the 50 bus route  including Davey Drive, The Crestway and Brentwood Road, passing St. Joseph’s School and the Hollingdean Sure Start Centre, Stanmer Villas and Roedale Road.   Some residents have raised the need for a crossing near St. Joseph’s.   The Local Action Team, chaired by Jeane, has asked for Hollingdean to be considered by the Council as a 20mph residential area pilot scheme.

These matters were raised at the last Council meeting.

Message from Councillor Jeane Lepper

I thought that you would like to know that yesterday [02/02/11]  the Planning Committee met to discuss the application for the phone mast. I went to put forward the objections and amazingly they decided to go against the officer’s recommendation….and turned it down.

It is expected that Vodafone will appeal the decision so we will have to be prepared for that. All the letters of objection did make a difference and it was thanks to the Hollingdean News that so many people knew about it and wrote in.

A 5-storey residential development on the site of the old Esso petrol station on Hollingdean Road has been approved by the council.

Redevelopment of the site provides for the erection of a part 2, 3, 4 and 5 storey building comprising 24 residential units and associated external amenity space.

Plans and supporting documents can be found at the council’s website – proposal number BH2010/00498.

More information and comment can be found at The Roundhill Association website.

New plans have been re submitted by Downland Housing Association, for the development of the Pioneer House site in Burstead Close, Hollingdean.

The original proposal was for 34 units with car parking, in two separate apartment buildings. The new plans are for a single 5 storey block consisting of 24 flats, with 24 car parking spaces, for let as affordable housing. Read the rest of this entry »

After a period of indecision, the proposed site on Dudley Road has now been scrapped.  The reason behind the decision has not been explained by either the government, the council or the contractor.

For more details and comment, see The Argus article on their website.

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