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phone illustration mastFrom Councillor Jeane Lepper Many residents will recall that at the end of last year Vodafone applied to the council for a 12.5m high phone mast plus equipment cabinet to be sited on the pavement near one of the Depot entrances opposite 13 Hollingdean Road.  There were many objections and the Planning Committee rejected the application on the grounds of visual impact and because of the position.  It would have been on a busy road that is also a busy pedestrian school route and close to flats where many residents have disabilities and mobility problems.  Vodafone have decided to appeal to the Secretary of State against the decision. Read the rest of this entry »


Message from Councillor Jeane Lepper

I thought that you would like to know that yesterday [02/02/11]  the Planning Committee met to discuss the application for the phone mast. I went to put forward the objections and amazingly they decided to go against the officer’s recommendation….and turned it down.

It is expected that Vodafone will appeal the decision so we will have to be prepared for that. All the letters of objection did make a difference and it was thanks to the Hollingdean News that so many people knew about it and wrote in.

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